How to cancel credit card purchases? Find out here! – Guarantee

Canceling a credit card purchase often doesn’t even cross your mind. And then, we have to pay an expense that we didn’t need. But what if I tell you it’s easy to ask for a cancellation?

It doesn’t matter if you regretted the purchase, if it was not what you expected, if the amount was charged wrongly or if you don’t even know what it was that appeared on your statement. You have every right to ask to cancel a credit card purchase! Just be smart with some rules. So, just imagine each of these situations to understand what to do if you go through one of them:


You made the purchase, but later regretted it

You made the purchase, but later regretted it

Sometimes, we buy on impulse. It’s normal. But, when we get home and see the bag, that regret hits. So, why not return it to the store in that case?

If you bought over the internet (or even over the phone), the Consumer Protection Code (CDC) gives you every right to regret it – especially because over the internet, sometimes you can’t really get a sense of the product. So, if you ask to cancel, the store has to accept the money back! But, be smart: the law says you only have 7 days to request cancellation. Try to contact the store as soon as possible, preferably before issuing the invoice, to avoid that they have already sent you the product. If not, you can also ask to cancel as soon as the invoice is issued, even if you have not yet received the product. Ah! In the latter situation, it is very important to ask for the protocol number and proof, which the store is obliged to provide. Security is never too much, right?

After you do that, if you already have the purchase in hand, you need to understand what the process is to return. Then, your money will fall on the credit card itself, as if it were a negative entry – either in installments or at once, as the seller chooses.

On the other hand, if you bought inside the store, the seller is not required to cancel your credit card purchase. Then, you will have to use and abuse your friendliness and convincing power. But if the store doesn’t agree, she is in her right, okay?


You bought it, but the product was not what you imagined

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Do you know when you buy something and then realize that it is not everything you promised? Or, when you realize that it came defective and that sadness hits? You can also cancel a purchase of this type

The law says that you have up to 30 days to complain about the product directly to the seller if it is a non-durable item (such as clothes, food and cleaning products). But, if it is a durable item (a refrigerator, cell phone, car), the period is 90 days.

That’s where the secret comes in: that time only starts counting from the day you noticed the defect!

If the seller does not resolve the issue, then you can contact your credit card company. But you have to have a document or protocol number in hand to prove that you have already made your complaint at the store, ok? The card company will cancel the charge for the product for a while, talk to the seller and, within 45 days, have to give you an answer.


You bought it, but you were charged the wrong amount

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This is the easiest case! It can happen that an expense appears duplicated on the statement or with the wrong amount. Then, you just have to talk to the store and check what happened, with invoice for the purchase and charge of the credit card. Usually, the seller cancels what was wrong pretty quickly. But, if not, it is good to contact the card company to take some action.


You have no idea what the purchase that appeared on your card statement

You have no idea what the purchase that appeared on your card statement

Imagine just accessing your bank statement and finding an expense that you have no idea what it is. This can happen! Unlike other situations, in this case, you already have to contact your credit card company directly and they have an obligation to cancel the purchase on the spot.

As you cannot be sure of what happened, the company will also cancel your card and send you another one, to give you more security and not let this happen again.


The account that nobody tells you!


Turn and move, the bank sends a new credit card without us even knowing why. But did you know that this is a crime? Any such service has to be hired by the customer first! So, if you go through this, you can report it to Procon and, also, sue for moral damages if the bank charges any fee for using this new card.

Canceling a credit card purchase is possible and permitted by law! So, you don’t need to stay in debt anymore than to do when the collection is wrong or the product is not the same as the advertisement, right?

It is worth remembering that following the bank statement can be a good strategy to notice the wrong cartoons very quickly and go after the bank or the store itself. In the Guiabolso app, you can do this in real time, because it is always updating your purchases – including those that haven’t even fallen on your credit card yet! It’s very TOP !!