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What is Sex Chat Online?

What is Sex Chat Online?

Sex Chat Online is the newest way to meet women and get them into bed. Why do you think so many men and women are going online to try their hand at Chat Sex?

The appeal of Chat Sex Online is that you can use the Internet to meet lots of different types of women, while still getting to enjoy your favorite activity – having fun! Unlike regular dating or picking up friends in bars, the options that are available on Chat Sex Online are unlimited.

You can meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds, backgrounds which may seem to be totally opposite of yours. You can talk and flirt with women from all over the world! It’s just like having a nice date with friends!

The world of Chat Sex Online is a wonderful, relaxing way to meet women and make some great new friends. Here’s how it works:

First of all, make sure you use the right terms when you’re communicating with women. This is an essential element of having successful conversations with any woman. Let’s take this example:

You’ll need to learn a few pointers about conversation


There are all kinds of words and phrases that you should be using. Don’t worry, it won’t be hard to learn if you follow the guidelines listed below.

The biggest tip is to pick your girl up in a comfortable way. Pay attention to her body language and make sure she knows that you really care about her and your interests.

Then start by making some small talk, and don’t focus entirely on the “romance” part of Chat Sex Online. Don’t talk about what you like or even about your feelings. Focus more on how she looks and how hot she looks.

All you have to do is talk about things that are important to you and pay attention to how the other person is responding to those things. Let your eyes dart around as you’re speaking, and show her what makes you happy, what makes you smile, and what you really want to say.

The opportunity to practice kissing

The opportunity to practice kissing

Another common reason people use Chat Sex Online is that it gives them the opportunity to practice kissing, especially in the more awkward areas of the mouth. At the same time, it’s a great place to practice for oral sex on your dates with women that you meet online.

In general, talking to someone over the Internet is a lot easier than talking to a real person, so it’s not hard to make her come over to you and get into bed with you when you’re using Chat Sex Online. Just make sure that she doesn’t expect anything more out of the encounter, and go for the fun as you practice.

Overall, Chat Sex Online is a fun way to connect with your girl and to discover new things about each other. It’s a great way to see if you two have what it takes to share the experience of love.

A Review of the Mutual Masturbation Cam

The world of adult websites is an odd place; there are plenty of them with features that appeal to the curious but the number of sites that actually cater to a niche masturbatory fetish is a minority. Most of these sites offer adult content in the form of videos, audio and photos, and they all do the same thing: arouse the viewer. If you like to watch things getting penetrated by large things, then you will probably enjoy the Mutual Masturbation Cam.

Watch two people engage in sex

Watch two people engage in sex

It is a type of interactive adult video that makes it seem as though sexual intercourse and masturbation were put together into one action-packed feature. You can watch two people engage in sex while simultaneously stroking their penises in front of you. You see, the idea behind this kind of webcam show is that you see a man masturbating while you observe him.

You are at first curious and watching the man’s pre-cum and then the sound of a large vibrator in his hand. He pulls out his penis, which has been hidden by a vibrator, and starts stroking it. After the orgasm has subsided, he positions himself in such a way that he can be stroked again.

The mutual masturbation cam, just like the majority of adult sites on the Internet, works by you putting in your personal information, making sure to include the name of the person you wish to view with a sex toy in a nude pose, and then watching as other people in the room masturbate while you watch. You can masturbate too, or you can watch someone else do it, depending on how you wish to go about it.

To engage in sexual intercourse with someoneelse

To engage in sexual intercourse with someoneelse

The Mutual Masturbation Cam has the ability to view both men and women. The main difference between the two genders is that women are not permitted to masturbate themselves. No, instead, they have to engage in sexual intercourse with someone else so you can observe their actions from afar.

Women can masturbate other women by selecting the woman’s name on the ‘My Mistress’ page and choose her webcam account. You can also masturbate with other men, but if you want to do so on a video, you will have to do so with a man’s name on the ‘My Master’ page. That’s right, a man who wants to use a woman for sexual gratification is only allowed to masturbate with a woman’s name on the list.

Unlike most adult sites, the Mutual Masturbation Cam does not contain anything pornographic or sexually explicit. It is actually not meant to spark a debate on whether porn is not “better” than art. It’s designed to teach its viewers about safe, healthy masturbation practices that they might not know about.

What to look for when masturbating

What to look for when masturbating

There is a detailed manual offering tips and guidelines for what to look for when masturbating. If you’re a first-timer to the world of masturbating, this would be a good resource to start with.

The Mutual Masturbation Cam is actually a fun idea, because most people are simply not interested in masturbating in front of someone else. You don’t have to lie naked in front of a stranger and masturbate yourself; that’s just plain stupid. With the mutual masturbation cam, you can get two people involved in a mutual masturbation session without having to expose yourself to someone else.

The whole affair than other types of adult sites

The whole affair than other types of adult sites

This mutual masturbation cam takes a much simpler approach to the whole affair than other types of adult sites. The site is a digital representation of a person masturbating with another person, without the need for the exhibitionist to actually ‘meet’ a person for the purpose of rubbing one another up the middle. It is a lot less awkward than the traditional face-to-face masturbating sessions.

While most sites cater to the masturbating niche, the Mutual Masturbation Cam offers something for everyone. That means that you can learn more about how to masturbate safely and the types of toys and stimulation options that can be used for a variety of different types of sexual encounters.

When it comes to these types of adult sites, the Mutual Masturbation Cam has something for everyone. No matter what kind of viewer you are, there is a mutual masturbation cam that will meet your needs.

The Best Free Cam Sites Is Not Always the Real Thing

If you have seen MFC porn cam videos and want to give it a try, then this article will tell you about the best free sites. All in all, there are thousands of porn sites online. There are many sites that claim to offer the best scenes, but most are fake.

A huge selection of sex scenes

A huge selection of sex scenes

First, to make sure that you do not get scammed you need to register with a site like Pix. This is a leading free cam site. It also has a huge selection of sex scenes. You can actually view thousands of videos as well as chat.

Many free porn sites require you to provide your age. While it is good to protect minors, it is not always necessary. In fact, many sites require you to prove your age before they allow you to join.

The good thing about this is that it is all for free. There is no risk involved.

There are a lot of free sex cam sites out there, but not all of them offer real videos. Instead they provide streaming video on a regular basis, but without sound.

Because of this, these free cam sites will not let you watch porn, but offer the illusion of it. However, you can only do this if you can live with not having sound and seeing the same thing hundreds of times over.

To look at who is paying for the service

To look at who is paying for the service

With free adult cam sites, many scenes are on repeat because of lack of customers. You are paying for something that does not provide you with anything at all.

The best way to find out what is on repeat is to look at who is paying for the service. Somepaid sites will have their own system for doing this. Others will just post the details of the people who are paying on their site.

This means that you can check to see who is paying for the video. Not only that, but you can also find out which site offers a more realistic and higher quality cam show.

Some pay sites may be legit, but others are just fronts for the real sites. So the best way to find out about the best free porn sites is to do your research first.

Offer the most real and fresh videos

Offer the most real and fresh videos

You can use sites like AVN’s membership site to research which pay sites offer the most real and fresh videos. You can see what others are saying about the cam sites and also read some of the feedback from regular users.

By using these tips, you will be able to find the best of the best in the adult cam industry and start watching the hottest free cam shows right away. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Watch a Cams Girl With a Big Dick


You want to watch a Cams Girl with a Big Dick, right? Here is what you should know.

Use to find and connect with other singles

Use to find and connect with other singles

Cams are online adult dating services. As the name implies, they are designed for people to use to find and connect with other singles. They have millions of members who are looking for others just like them.

But this does not mean that there are websites that are not managed by “amateurs”. I am talking about websites where people work in large factories or small offices for large corporations. No, these are not “amateurs” -they are actually the “real” professionals who produce videos for other companies to sell.

In Dirtyroulette, it’s the same. The website was launched by a former cam girl with a big dick. The first video was her showing off her enormous “deep throat” (that’s the term her porn company used) which had a rather amazing girth. To see it, simply visit the website and search for “dirt roulette -big dick cam girl”.

Jerking off to the idea of making a video to show off her talent? Then click on the “Sign Up” link. Just imagine how excited you’ll be to start jerking off as soon as you see her huge balls!

How she managed to make such a big cock

How she managed to make such a big cock

In case you are reading this and you are wondering how she managed to make such a big cock? Well, she is the person behind a little called “We Own It”, a website that connects horny dudes with females with even bigger tits. In fact, the site is created by a huge number of female members of the “We Own It” community who are jealous of how well her videos are doing.

With that in mind, it is not all that surprising that she came up with the idea of creating a website where males can get access to a huge cock – in exchange for a promise of better sex. It took her a while, but she found a huge number of female members who are desperate for that kind of exchange, and she managed to attract two huge male donors.

The dirtyroulette “extra” section – she made this up on the spot to attract donations. She told me, when I chatted to her, that she thought it was a great idea and did not hesitate to do it. Here, you can check out some of the raunchier videos that you could not find anywhere else.

Some members of the site are already pretty experienced at jerking off to their favorite Cams Girl with a Big Dick, so you will find a lot of tips and tricks for the enjoyment of the viewer. The site will start shooting soon.

Want to join and jerk off to the fantasy

Want to join and jerk off to the fantasy

If you want to join, you just need to read a few reviews and then get in touch with her with a serious physical problem. The website will help you decide if you are an appropriate candidate for membership. You will find the information on her website.

Once you are sure that you want to join and jerk off to the fantasy of having a small-sized female wearing only a cam girl outfit, you can be on your way. But first, check out the video of the first cam girl with a big dick.

Finally, this website is a nice alternative to the usual website where you have to pay to jerk off, so the risk of actually jerking off to something that might turn you on is reduced. – not to mention the fact that you can find some very hot video of girls wearing camsies.

How to cancel credit card purchases? Find out here! – Guarantee

Canceling a credit card purchase often doesn’t even cross your mind. And then, we have to pay an expense that we didn’t need. But what if I tell you it’s easy to ask for a cancellation?

It doesn’t matter if you regretted the purchase, if it was not what you expected, if the amount was charged wrongly or if you don’t even know what it was that appeared on your statement. You have every right to ask to cancel a credit card purchase! Just be smart with some rules. So, just imagine each of these situations to understand what to do if you go through one of them:


You made the purchase, but later regretted it

You made the purchase, but later regretted it

Sometimes, we buy on impulse. It’s normal. But, when we get home and see the bag, that regret hits. So, why not return it to the store in that case?

If you bought over the internet (or even over the phone), the Consumer Protection Code (CDC) gives you every right to regret it – especially because over the internet, sometimes you can’t really get a sense of the product. So, if you ask to cancel, the store has to accept the money back! But, be smart: the law says you only have 7 days to request cancellation. Try to contact the store as soon as possible, preferably before issuing the invoice, to avoid that they have already sent you the product. If not, you can also ask to cancel as soon as the invoice is issued, even if you have not yet received the product. Ah! In the latter situation, it is very important to ask for the protocol number and proof, which the store is obliged to provide. Security is never too much, right?

After you do that, if you already have the purchase in hand, you need to understand what the process is to return. Then, your money will fall on the credit card itself, as if it were a negative entry – either in installments or at once, as the seller chooses.

On the other hand, if you bought inside the store, the seller is not required to cancel your credit card purchase. Then, you will have to use and abuse your friendliness and convincing power. But if the store doesn’t agree, she is in her right, okay?


You bought it, but the product was not what you imagined

credit cards

Do you know when you buy something and then realize that it is not everything you promised? Or, when you realize that it came defective and that sadness hits? You can also cancel a purchase of this type

The law says that you have up to 30 days to complain about the product directly to the seller if it is a non-durable item (such as clothes, food and cleaning products). But, if it is a durable item (a refrigerator, cell phone, car), the period is 90 days.

That’s where the secret comes in: that time only starts counting from the day you noticed the defect!

If the seller does not resolve the issue, then you can contact your credit card company. But you have to have a document or protocol number in hand to prove that you have already made your complaint at the store, ok? The card company will cancel the charge for the product for a while, talk to the seller and, within 45 days, have to give you an answer.


You bought it, but you were charged the wrong amount

credit cards

This is the easiest case! It can happen that an expense appears duplicated on the statement or with the wrong amount. Then, you just have to talk to the store and check what happened, with invoice for the purchase and charge of the credit card. Usually, the seller cancels what was wrong pretty quickly. But, if not, it is good to contact the card company to take some action.


You have no idea what the purchase that appeared on your card statement

You have no idea what the purchase that appeared on your card statement

Imagine just accessing your bank statement and finding an expense that you have no idea what it is. This can happen! Unlike other situations, in this case, you already have to contact your credit card company directly and they have an obligation to cancel the purchase on the spot.

As you cannot be sure of what happened, the company will also cancel your card and send you another one, to give you more security and not let this happen again.


The account that nobody tells you!


Turn and move, the bank sends a new credit card without us even knowing why. But did you know that this is a crime? Any such service has to be hired by the customer first! So, if you go through this, you can report it to Procon and, also, sue for moral damages if the bank charges any fee for using this new card.

Canceling a credit card purchase is possible and permitted by law! So, you don’t need to stay in debt anymore than to do when the collection is wrong or the product is not the same as the advertisement, right?

It is worth remembering that following the bank statement can be a good strategy to notice the wrong cartoons very quickly and go after the bank or the store itself. In the Guiabolso app, you can do this in real time, because it is always updating your purchases – including those that haven’t even fallen on your credit card yet! It’s very TOP !!

Find Out How to Find Out the Best Amateur Porn Sites!

Have you heard of milf cam porn?

Have you heard of milf cam porn?

Do You Have a Favorite Adult Website? It’s the latest craze in online video.

The problem is, most women aren’t that into watching a man look at porn. Most just click on their favorite site to watch the movies. I’m going to show you how to take advantage of this and give them something they like.

Not all porn sites offer milf videos

Not all porn sites offer milf videos

They are usually only made for lesbians. In order to get your woman to like a site you need to get her to look at it. Use these tools to quickly find out if they offer them.

One tool is to go to a website that offers milf content. If there’s not a lot of porn sites that are related to your type of woman, you will probably find one. Once you find one, go there and see if there is any milf porn content available. If there is, go to the website and look at it. If you have a woman you want to know more about, this should be a no-brainer.

Another way to make your woman happy is to make sure you do all the research yourself. If you are familiar with any porn stars or actresses then try to find some of their videos and see what you can learn about them. It may take a bit of time, but it is worth it.

You don’t want to end up paying a membership fee to see something she doesn’t like on a certain website. The less time you spend trying to figure out what she likes the better.

Free and paid membership sites

Free and paid membership sites

You also want to stay away from paid membership websites, because those websites often only have limited free membership sites that don’t provide very good or unique content. You want to use one that offers both free and paid membership sites.

These days there are hundreds of web cam sites on the Internet. The downside is, all of them require you to pay to use them, and you don’t get much for that money.

Of course, it’s nice to be able to pick and choose which ones you want, but there are better ways to do it. There are companies that offer different types of membership packages so you can pick and choose which ones you want to use.

Now, many of the best websites offer free membership, so if you can’t get access to them that’s fine too. You can still use the site to meet new people and learn about new ideas and tips.

Another good thing about milf cam porn is that it is very specific to the person who is posting it. Many cam sites that are for women will only allow guys to use them. This is not a problem since most guys already have their preferences about what they want.

This is perfect for getting into a guy’s profile so you can figure out if he is right for you. Women love to get to know a guy before they actually decide to go for him. With that said, this is the perfect opportunity for women to get a glimpse into what guys really think about.

What credit to buy a motorcycle?


The purchase of a motorcycle can be done through different financing solutions, several credits can meet this need.

Personal loan for used motorcycles

Personal loan for used motorcycles

Most second-hand motorcycle purchases will be made from individual to individual, so it is more useful to turn to the personal loan to be able to finance the acquisition of a new two-wheeler. It is a consumer credit whose sums can be obtained without having to justify the purchase, that is to say that the biker who will buy a motorcycle will not have to present a quote or a voucher. control. The sum is directly paid into the applicant’s account and the latter can then use it freely to buy a used motorcycle.

The advantage of this solution is to be able to define an envelope which will be available on the bank account and which may include the amount of purchase of the motorcycle but also formalities like the regulation concerning the modification of the gray card or the purchase of equipment for two-wheelers. This loan can also be used as part of a second-hand motorcycle purchase at a dealership.

The motorcycle loan allocated for new

The motorcycle loan allocated for new

Purchases of new motorcycles will generally revolve around an assigned consumer credit, it is the same credit as for the purchase of a car but the difference with a personal loan will lie in the allocation. That is to say that the credit contract and the purchase of the motorcycle will be intrinsically linked, it will be necessary for the buyer to present proof that takes the form of a quote or an order form. It should be noted that some of these credit agreements sometimes include prohibited motorcycle resale clauses. This means that the borrower must settle his credit before he can resell the motorcycle.

The restricted loan is generally used in connection with the purchase of new motorcycles and especially when this purchase is made from a dealer or a professional. The sums are often larger in the case of a loan by assignment, the rates will generally be more attractive compared to the personal loan.

Credit consolidation when you have credits in progress

Credit consolidation when you have credits in progress

When a buyer wishes to acquire a new motorcycle, it is important to have the repayment capacity necessary for financing. Whether it is a personal loan, a restricted loan or a rental with option to buy, it is necessary to have sufficient debt capacity to be able to accommodate a new monthly payment on the bank account. Sometimes, studies of borrowing capacity reveal an excessively high debt ratio or an insufficient living allowance. Using credit consolidation can prove to be interesting in order to finance the purchase of the motorcycle.

Loan consolidation is a banking operation that offers to buy the credits of a borrower by a single establishment, this allows to readjust the repayment conditions by setting up a fixed rate and a longer duration. The main advantage of this solution is that it reduces the amount of the new monthly payment more or less. It is also possible to include the funding of a new project such as the purchase of a motorcycle in this operation.

Quick guide on how to negotiate credit card debt

Making purchases with a credit card is easy, merchants accept a wide variety of cards and pay in installments often without interest, however the facility also applies to losing control over the debts acquired and not being able to pay them off. If that happens, a good way to avoid having your name negated in the square is to seek debt renegotiation. How to do this? Today we are going to give you some tips for you to succeed and get out of the red.


It’s time to put all debts on paper

debt loan

This is really necessary for you to know exactly the amount of your debt on the card. Not only that, you also need to know what your essential expenses for the month are, including: water, electricity, rent, tuition fees, etc., in addition to other expenses that can be redeployed, to apply them to the payment of the outstanding balance, as this will help when negotiating the proposal to settle it, without running the risk of accepting a portion that will not fit in your budget.


What if I have more than one card with outstanding debts?

What if I have more than one card with outstanding debts?

We generally see advice that it is better to pay the card with the lowest debt. This is a mistake. It is necessary to take into consideration which one has the highest interest rate. Check on your invoice, in the “Financing Charges” section, the “Maximum Financing Interest per Month”, there will be the percentage rate that will be charged if the total amount of the invoice is not paid.

Usually the rates vary between one card and another, so it is always better to pay the higher rate, as it will consume more income as the debt is being postponed. Even if you are unable to make a full payment on a card, it is important to pay at least the minimum value of the cards (but only as a last resort!), Instead of suspending all payment, as the fees are slightly lower.


Looking for the lender

credit cards

When looking for the card provider, it is not necessary to explain the reason for the debt, but to demonstrate your intention to pay it. It is interesting that in your preparation, the moment you put everything on paper, evaluate your condition to negotiate based on your income and expenses.

Contact the company through the customer service center or in person, in a special sector responsible for negotiating debts within the company. If communication with the industry is difficult, try to contact them by other means. Service via social networks, for example, has worked very well.

When negotiating ask for the “Total Effective Cost” of the debt, it is mandatory to provide this information, which will contain the amount to be paid with interest, fees and taxes.


Analyze the proposal offered by the company well

credit loans

When you are face to face with the lender, explain your financial situation, so that it is possible to reach a good agreement for both. Make your proposal, the company can offer a counter proposal and before accepting, think carefully and evaluate if the suggested agreement meets your needs, so that you do not default again for not being able to sustain the conditions offered.


Is it worth it to take a loan to pay off the card?

Is it worth it to take a loan to pay off the card?

Yes, but be careful: only if the interest rate is lower than that of the card. Taking loans from finance companies that accept clients with names in the Agree Bank or Across Lender Group, usually means higher interest. In that case, don’t, the problem will only increase.

If you have been saving money to make a dream come true and are reluctant to divert part of that amount to pay off your debt, the best thing to do is to take part of that amount for this purpose, because then you can ask the creditor for a discount, already which will pay cash and the long-term financial loss will be much less.


If you can’t negotiate, ask for help

credit record

If you are unable to negotiate, it is possible to ask for help from some specialized associations such as the Consumer Protection and Defense Foundation (Procon) and the National Institute of Consumer Protection of the Financial System (Andif), they will be able to help you and guide you on the deal.


After negotiating

After negotiating

Avoid contracting new debts, until all that are pending are remedied.

Economists recommend that a maximum of 30% of monthly installment income be committed. A good alternative for those who come out of this situation is to apply part of what they receive in savings, so in case of emergency you will have a financial reserve. Family budget planning can also be combined, which makes it possible to adjust spending according to your income, without losing control.

Bank works loan: Consumer credit for your works.

We were talking to you a while ago about the mortgage that Infra bank is able to grant. Today we are going to study with you the work loan that this same bank has developed.

This works credit is intended to finance interior decoration, it can also be used to improve the insulation of housing. Or even rearrange the interior layout of a pavilion. But it will not be accepted if the purpose is structural work or heavy work. On the one hand because this is what Infra bank specifies and on the other hand because the maximum sum that can be loaned under this credit is 46,000 USD.

Therefore if you plan to expand your home for example, we advise you to turn to Infra bank mortgage and refer to our article on this subject.

Acceptance conditions:

Acceptance conditions:

  1. It is imperative to be a B for bank customer, that is to say to benefit from the current account of this bank. In addition, the monthly repayment monthly payments will be debited from this account.
  2. The loan will of course be studied by an adviser, the study will focus on the borrower’s repayment capacity, that is to say on his income, his expenses and the composition of the family.
  3. And finally, it will of course be necessary that the reason for the loan is compatible with a works credit.

Characteristics and Amount of the loan:

Characteristics and Amount of the loan:

  • The minimum sum that can be loaned under this credit is 3,500 USD, the maximum amount being, as we specify above, 46,000 USD.
  • Reimbursement will be made by withdrawing installments each month for a period fixed upon signature, between one and ten years.
  • The loan can finance the entire work, no need for contribution.
  • Application fees: 0 USD
  • Borrower insurance: Unlike a mortgage, in this case loan insurance (Death disability) is optional. It is up to the customer to decide if it is essential or not. Each case is different but we think that when it comes to a loan of a substantial amount the question should be asked.

How to get cheap auto credit?

Offered by many organizations (banks, credit platforms, dealers), car credit makes it possible to buy a new or used car, a crucial issue to facilitate daily journeys! What should you know to get a cheap car loan?

The different types of auto credit offered on the market

The different types of auto credit offered on the market

The car loan comes in several forms:

  • The most common car loan is an “earmarked” consumer loan, the contract of which specifies what the capital must be used for: the use of funds must be justified by the beneficiary. This type of loan is granted more easily, and generally at a better rate, than the conventional personal loan while being more protective since the credit can be canceled if the sale does not take place (absence of delivery, defective model).
  • The personal loan remains of course a possibility for the borrower, especially since the flexibility in the use of the funds makes it possible to cover other financing needs such as work or a difficult end of the month. But it must be reimbursed whatever happens, even if the purchase of the car is not concluded, since the capital is not affected …
  • Some automobile brands offer zero-rate loans in their dealerships, or payment facilities that take the form of interest-free loans: the monthly payments cover only the amount required for the purchase of the vehicle, plus administration fees and costs. ‘insurance. However, these loans are “captive” because the beneficiary can obviously only buy a car of the corresponding brand.
  • Dealers and manufacturers have developed leasing with rental with option to purchase (LOA), an offer which makes it possible to finance the use of a car via the payment of rent and to be able to definitively buy the vehicle (or not) at the ‘ after the term of the contract.

In all cases, the amount of a consumer credit cannot exceed $ 75,000, regardless of the model purchased. If the desired vehicle has a purchase price above this limit, it will be necessary to supplement the car loan with a personal contribution or another loan. In addition, the repayment period is limited: from 3 months to 7 years.

Is there a “good time” to get a cheap car loan?

Is there a "good time" to get a cheap car loan?

Credit institutions determine the rate of the car loan by analyzing the level of risk for each borrower profile, and in particular the debt rate: the share of income which is already devoted to the repayment of previous loans. Therefore, if the applicant has more than one loan outstanding, it will be more difficult for them to obtain a new low-cost loan. It is therefore better to wait until you have closed the old credits before signing another.

In addition, if the car loan is contracted in the same establishment as the preceding credits, it is probable that the adviser will carry out a preventive verification … This is why it is advised to be up to date with the payment of all his monthly payments at the time of the request!

A car loan is less expensive than a long-term rental

A car loan is less expensive than a long-term rental

Many individuals are tempted by new forms of mobility such as long-term rental or rental with option to purchase, in particular because the monthly rental payments are lower than the monthly repayment a car loan.

But alas, the formulas contain expensive services (maintenance package, insurance against financial loss in the event of theft or destruction, all-risk insurance) which significantly increase the bill in the long term. In fact, beyond a certain number of months, buying a vehicle with a conventional car loan almost always becomes cheaper than renting.